Burger King Brilliantly Trolls McDonald’s by Responding to Their Customer Complaints; With a Twist

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  • Source: Red State
  • 10/02/2020
Precisely because of all of the above. As McDonald’s said in one of the most successful advertising campaigns of all time, you deserve a break today. So here we go — buckle your non-political seat belts.
The mostly-good-natured fast food burger war between Burger King and McDonald’s is legendary — marked mostly by the King dunking on the Clown.

Such is the case with Burger King’s latest marketing salvo fired across McDonald’s bow, as reported by Fox News.

Burger King Denmark has recently begun responding to customer complaints left on the McDonald’s Facebook page. Along with each humorous response is a voucher for a free Whopper. The campaign was created to highlight Burger King’s new promise to answer every customer complaint on its own Facebook page within 48 hours.

So hey, why not respond to McDonald’s complaints too, right?

Even better, Burger King Denmark last week scrolled back through more than 1,000 comments McDonald’s fans in Denmark had made stretching back days, weeks, months, and, in some cases, years — all of whom had not heard back from Mickey D’s.

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