Black jogger gets mistaken for suspect, stopped by police — and it ends with a job offer from the sheriff

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  • Source: The Blaze
  • 09/11/2020
What happened?

Joseph Griffin was jogging through his neighborhood in Deltona last month. He was stopped by sheriff's deputies who were looking for a burglary suspect with the description of a black male with a beard wearing a white tank top and dark-colored shorts — exactly what the bearded Griffin was wearing.
Griffin, a registered nurse, started livestreaming the encounter on his Facebook page in case things went wrong.

"If something happens to me, y'all better raise hell," Griffin said on the livestream, as he was being handcuffed by the deputies.

The deputies assured Griffin he wasn't being arrested, but asked him to allow them to go through the process of checking and clearing him since he fit the description. One of the deputies even offered to hold Griffin's phone and continue recording the stop while Griffin was handcuffed.

Griffin and the deputies had a dialogue acknowledging the fear black people can have when stopped by police, as well as the difficulty faced by law enforcement officers in doing their jobs in such a tense environment.

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