Bizarre performance at the World Economic Forum has people asking, ‘WTF did we just watch’

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  • Source: Twitchy
  • 01/23/2023
The World Economic Forum is supposed to be about world leaders in different aspects of society (business, politics, education, etc.) coming together to improve the state of the world. In reality, it seems to be a freak show of progressive Leftists who want us to eat bugs and get rid of our gas stoves, but they may have outdone the crazy this year.  ‘Noa and Gil’ who want to raise awareness about ‘Red Sea Corals’ give us a performance for the ages.

   Ummmm… What did we just watch?
  Yes we are, but maybe it was just our school, but our elementary school teacher used real words in her songs.
Apparently, the kind where the corals can talk and tell you about their pronouns. 🙂 Switzerland is supposed to be neutral but allowing that performance to be seen by ANYONE seems like they made the first move and retaliation is a must.

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