Biden slams GOP for not passing bill that would permit at least 1.4 MILLION illegal immigrants to cross border, be released into US every year

President Joe Biden has said that Congressional Republicans are "standing in the way" of a border security bill that would allow at least 1.4 million illegal immigrants to be caught at the border and released into the country every year.  

On Thursday evening, President Joe Biden posted that Congressional Republicans are choosing to "stand in the way of border enforcement. The proposed bill would cap allow agents to close th border after 4,000 illegal border crossings per day, and trigger mandatory shut down at 5,000. Just sticking with the 4,000 would allow at least 1.4 million illegal immigrants into the country at the border land crossings every year.  

"Congressional Republicans do not care about securing the border or fixing America’s broken immigration system. If they did, they would have voted for the toughest border enforcement in history. By blocking the bipartisan border agreement, they put partisan politics ahead of our country’s national security," he wrote.   

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