The Morning Briefing: Go Home 2022, You're Already Drunk

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  • Source: PJ Media
  • 01/13/2022
Happy New Year, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. We must never speak of this to the villagers.

So much for kicking off the New Year’s Eve Briefing by being grateful that Betty White was still with us. Worst. Timing. Ever. We lost a treasure. I think you will all enjoy the YouTube clip at the end here today.

Although Betty White lived a long and great life, that news certainly wrapped up 2021 on a bit of a sour note. We were probably all hoping that it wouldn’t be a harbinger for 2022. We may be only a few days in but I’m getting the distinct impression that this new year might be a bit of a freak show.

This is always a big time of year for predictions and somebody dusted off Dick Morris for a real doozy, which

Robert wrote about:
Old Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are bad enough, but according to Dick Morris, a former Clinton adviser, it’s going to get worse: Morris thinks 2024 is going to feature a showdown between Hillary Clinton and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Mean Girls) for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination. Grab the popcorn, and the Xanax.
As everyone knows, the incumbents are damaged goods. Nobody likes Old Joe, who will be about 120 years old if he even makes it to 2024, and Kamala Harris has failed spectacularly at one of the easiest jobs on the planet. Meanwhile, Hillary has been increasingly obvious lately in positioning herself for 2024, while the winsome Ocasio-Cortez turns the required age of 35 on Oct. 13, 2024.
Morris sees Hillary’s recent attacks on AOC and the Squad as an indication that a showdown is coming between the two for the Democratic presidential nomination.


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