How A Pro-Life Campaign Dramatically Cut The Number Of Christian Colleges Working With Planned Parenthood

This week the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Carson v. Makin, in which Maine is being taken to task for refusing to cover tuition to religious schools as part of the private school tuition assistance it provides for rural families without access to public high schools.

One organization that filed a brief with the Supreme Court in this case says these “opportunities are sought after by parents who choose to send their children to religious schools so that their children receive both a first-rate education and they are able to pass the faith to the next generation.” The case comes as tensions rise nationwide between the public education system and the Americans who use it.

Take the uptick in parental involvement in local school boards, a phenomenon the Biden-Harris administration found so alarming, it sicced the Department of Justice on concerned parents. But parents are concerned for good reason: School-age children are being exposed to licentious sexual materials; discriminatory racial doctrines rooted in critical race theory; and gender theories unmoored from human biology (and to school policies based on those theories that have enabled alleged sexual assault).

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