The West Is Burning Down Before Our Eyes

Australia has perhaps been the most visible example, with numerous viral videos showing police viciously beating people for transgressions as small as not wearing a mask in public. Then there are the COVID concentration camps where people are forced into multi-week confinement — even if they aren’t positive for the virus.

The scenes out of Europe are hardly better. Today, a video emerged that is so brutal that you’d think it was filmed in mid-’30s Germany. It comes from Amsterdam, and involves police assaulting people and attacking them with dogs.

If you can’t watch the video, what it shows is a dog latching onto a man’s arm, while police beat him (and others) with batons for “breaking” COVID restrictions. Worse, once the man is on the ground, arm bent back, and likely injured, the police just continue to hit him instead of ordering the dog to release him. As the scene unfolds, other police officers gather around to block the view of cameras filming the incident.

It was an absolutely disgusting spectacle, and it happened in a nation that is ostensibly a “free” democracy. Yet, these Western countries aren’t operating as such. Rather, they are mimicking the tactics of communist and fascist nations throughout history, all the while still insisting they hold some moral superiority over the next tin-pot dictator.

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