New York City business owners speak out against new vaccine mandate for kids

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 01/01/2022
Two New York City business owners spoke out against the Big Apple’s vaccine mandates for kids on Wednesday during an appearance on "Fox & Friends," arguing that businesses are suffering as a result of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new requirements.  

"The bars and restaurants, the hospitality industry, is not the vaccine police for the mayor," said NYC Festival Cafe owner Tyler Hollinger. "We are not being compensated in any way, shape, or form—and the real victims here are the businesses."

Hollinger said that itis "insane" for businesses to be expected to kick children and families out of establishments, especially during the holiday season, when tourists pay exorbitant prices for travel and lodging to stay in the city. 

Jeremy Wladis, President of the Restaurant Group, said that businesses that do not cooperate could be fined and ultimately closed. He called some of the policies in place were "unfair" and "ridiculous," and essentially forced stores to be their own bouncers and doormen. 

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