Joe Biden…Quickest Lame Duck President Ever

Joe Biden proclaimed that the Democrats will sweep to victory in 2022. Nancy Pelosi gushed that Joe Biden is the “perfect” man to be President today and that Kamala Harris is inspiring. Wow, what were these two smoking on Tuesday? Look at the polls, 41% and 28% for Joe and Kamala, and 33% for Nancy. These three should be looking in the mirror rather than looking to 2022. The first year of the Biden Presidency has been a disaster and the American people, including the Democrats, have no confidence in this administration and Congressional leaders. We are not going in the right direction, and there is no indication of a Biden course correction.

On Wednesday, CNN published a list of 11 Democratic candidates for President in 2024. The list is nothing but bizarre and focuses on the weak bench of the Democrat Party. Let that sink in. After less than one year, the media has already dismissed Joe Biden. Thanks, Joe, but you have served your purpose, and we are done with you. Now, move along and take Kamala with you. If, in 2024, the Democrats need to go to this list to pull a candidate, they are in a severe place and will undoubtedly lose the White House.

We all know how weak and unsuccessful the Biden administration has been in its first year. Their Domestic policies like Border Control, eliminating the Pandemic, the economy/inflation, crime, and the division of our people are all floundering. When asked during a White House presser to single out Biden’s most successful foreign policy, Jenn Psaki did not have an answer. She will have to circle back on that. Kamala Harris has been worse than anyone predicted and showed why she dropped out of the primaries before the first vote was cast. We all can also see how quickly Joe Biden is failing mentally. It is sad to watch, but he is our President makes it even worse.

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