Biden’s ‘Gender Equity’ Plan Would Treat Women Like Cogs In A Machine

Although the 42-page document was ostensibly dedicated to promoting “equity and equality,” in truth it appears to be far more motivated by corporate America’s thirst for obscene profits and woke bureaucrats’ insatiable pursuit of power.

The first giveaway line comes about ten pages in: “Simply put, our nation’s economy and the global economy cannot reach their full potential when half of the workforce is left behind.”

Who is this “half of the workforce?” Why, all adult women, of course. Every person belongs fundamentally to the workforce, as if the entire worth and fulfillment of a human being lay in their contribution to the economy, according to the plan’s Democrat authors. And, under this premise, it is a major problem that some of them — namely, women — aren’t contributing as much as they could.

Coming from a party that claims to stand up to corporate interests, this message is shockingly deaf to the concerns of the average working family. For example, do stay-at-home mothers have a detrimental effect on the global economy if they are not actively holding down a job?

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